Jamestown Webquest

Jamestown Webquest

Your class has gone on a field trip to Jamestown to learn more about the first Virginia colony. The visit was so exciting that you lost track of time and missed the bus back to school. Therefore, you and your two friends were forced to spend the night in the settlement. While you were there, you discovered a mystery to solve.

One of you spotted an old letter lying near the fort and became curious about its contents. There were pieces of the letter missing, including who it was for and who wrote it.  Click on the letter to read it. 

Yourtask is to search this website and to learn as much as you can aboutwhat life was like for early colonists.  You are to then finish writingthe letter and include as many of these terms as possible.  You willget one point for each term that you use  in your letter.  YOU DO NOTNEED TO USE EVERY TERM.  BEWARE!  SOME OF THESE TERMS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH JAMESTOWN!!!

Pilgrim, England, gold,Separtists, eel, Mayflower Compact, John Smith, winter, James theFirst, Mayflower, Powhatan, Atlantic Ocean, starvation,Pocahontas, Squanto, Burgess, England, English, tobacco, disease, conflict, mosquitos, swamp, indentured servant, Virginia Company


Use the resources below to  help with your research...

Jamestown Images
Click here for some images that show what life may have been like in early colonial times.
Jamestown Movies
Click here to watch movies that relate to Jamestown and early colonial life.
Jamestown Links
These are great links that will help you learn more about Jamestown

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