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Peter Christensen, Interim Principal

437 Edmund Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55103

651-293-8650 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Belter, Liberty Nurse Ext. 45446
Brazil-Sawyer, Maureen School Partnership Ext. 46485
Bu, Dah Kindergarten Ext. 42430
Campbell, Amanda 4th grade Ext. 44523
Christensen, Peter Interim Principal Ext. 41013
Fennell, Jenna Thad Wilderson Ext. 41075
Gholl, Michelle Grade 1 Ext. 46469
Habermann, Tess EA - Media Specialist Ext. 42603
Her, Mary Hlub Zoo Ext. 46508
Her, Nou PreK Ext. 46441
Her, Pahuoa PreK Ext. 46444
Her, Song SPPN Navigator Ext. 46518
Hoffman, Mariah Music Ext. 43045
Johannsen, Brittany 4th grade Ext. 42261
Kanthak, Jaclyn Nutrition Supervisor Ext. 46498
Kerrigan-Krodel, Judith Grade 1 Ext. 46445
Khang, Yuepheng TA
Kong, Mee Grade 2 HDL Ext. 46514
Kue, Pang EA Ext. 46478
Kuhn, Sherry Grade 3 & 4 non-HDL ELL Ext. 46506
Lee, Mai Yia Grade 1 HDL Ext. 46169
Lee, Tseebleej EA Ext. 46476
Lewis, Kendrick Intervention Specialist Ext. 43725
Ly, Nou ELL and HDL interventions
McCrossan, Mary Grade 5 Ext. 42759
Molohon, Cheryl Grade 2 Ext. 44705
Monn, Amanda LD Ext. 48016
Moua, Gao Shue Grade 3 HDL Ext. 45171
Moua, Mary Specialist Ext. 46438
Nelson, Christopher Grade 3 Ext. 46470
Nguyen, Diem TA
Nu, Nue TA
Oubaha, Ann Science Ext. 46473
Overlien, Sharon Kindergarten Ext. 42283
Paitich, Anna Speech Ext. 44789
Palmer, Thomas Custodial
Reed, Dianna Grade 2 Room 2105 Ext. 46461
Rygh, Genell LD Ext. 46201
Safyan, Irina Non-HDL kindergarten and 2nd grade ELL Ext. 44189
Sontgerath, Elodie Grades 2, 3 and 4 HDL ELL Ext. 46474
Taylor, Kim SPPN Navigator
Thao, Sheng Social Worker Ext. 46430
Van Os, Karen Hearing Impaired Ext. 46281
Vang, Gao T HDL Coordinator Ext. 46466
Vang, Mai Pang Kindergarten HDL Ext. 46456
Vang, Mee Grade 4 HDL Ext. 46465
Vang, Panghoua Clerk Ext. 0
Vang, Pang-Ngia 5th grade HDL Ext. 42623
Vang-Lee, Zang Ext.48367
Weese, Steve Custodian
Xiong, Ong Grade 3 Ext. 46460
Xiong, Philip Tech Support Ext. 46510
Xiong, See Grade 1 HDL Ext. 47489
Yang, Khue TA
Yang, Mai Grade 2 HDL Ext. 46495
Yang, Mary HDL kindergarten and 1st grade ELL Ext. 46462
Yang, Mor TA
Yang, Na Kindergarten HDL Ext. 45444
Yang, Neng Hmong Culture Ext. 41083
Yang, Phoua Counselor Ext. 46505
Yang, Yelly TA