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Rose Santos, Principal

631 N Albert St., Saint Paul, MN 55104

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

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Compact Agreement

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    2014 – 15  LEAP High School

    Student, Parent, and School Agreement (Compact)

    This agreement is to show that students, parents, and school staff members agree to make LEAP a good place for teaching, learning, and working together.  Please read the Agreement and sign the appropriate part.  Return the agreement to the LEAP main office.  Thank you.


    Student Agreement

    As a student at LEAP High School, I will:

    • Come to school every day (or tell the school office when I will be absent for appointments or family responsibilities)
    • Work hard to learn as much as I can
    • Follow the rules of the school and the bus
    • Be respectful to other students and to staff members


    Student Signature ___________________________                            Date __________


    Parent or Guardian Agreement

    As a parent or guardian of a LEAP High School student, I will:

    •  Help the student go to school every day and arrive on time
    •  Talk to teachers or other staff members, especially when I have questions
    •  Come to school for meetings and conferences whenever I am able to


    Parent or Guardian Signature ___________________________                       Date __________


    Staff Member Agreement

    As a staff member at LEAP High School, I will

    • Work hard to provide opportunities for students to learn
    • Make sure our school is a helpful, respectful, safe and fair place for students and staff
    • Be prepared for conferences and meetings with parents or guardians
    • Communicate with parents or guardians about a student’s behavior or other school issues


    Staff Member Signature ___________________________                   Date __________