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First Day of School Delayed to Wednesday, Sept. 7

Bridge View students should not report to school on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

We detected some surface mold in areas of our building. Professionals have been brought in and will continue to clean and disinfect all areas throughout Labor Day weekend.

This cleaning has delayed our teacher’s ability to prepare their classrooms for instruction, so our first day of school will now be on Wednesday, September 7.

Thank you for your patience as we ensure our school is ready for your child’s return.


Action Steps

Saint Paul Public Schools takes the growth of mold seriously and recognizes that it presents potential for health issues amongst our students and staff. Mold spores can cause respiratory irritations and therefore any visual identification of mold growth is removed and disinfected. The following steps will be taken at Focus Beyond and Bridge View to ensure all surface mold is eradicated before school starts:

  1. A licensed mold abatement contractor will work throughout the weekend to identify, disinfect, and clean all instances of mold growth. The Facilities Department met the contractor on-site to identify the areas for attention Sept. 2.

  2. The air handler was adjusted to bring in more fresh air and to run for longer periods of time. It will run continuously over the long weekend.

  3. Large, industrial dehumidifiers were brought in and set up around the building. They will be working all weekend to keep the air as dry as possible.

  4. Facilities environmental health staff will inspect the buildings and the mold clean up work on Sunday and Monday and continue to direct the contractor as necessary.

  5. We are delaying the first day of school to Wednesday, Sept. 7. School will not be in session on Tuesday, Sept. 6, but all staff will report as usual.

  6. This delay will allow teachers and staff to prepare their classrooms for instruction after the extensive cleaning.

  7. The building will be safe for all visitors and staff by Tuesday, Sept. 6.

  8. Members of the Facilities Department will work with individual teachers to ensure their classrooms are ready for the first day of school on Wednesday.

The best way to manage the potential for mold growth is by reducing and managing the humidity levels in our buildings. This is often made difficult by the lack of air conditioning or building-wide dehumidification. Saint Paul Public Schools follows the Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for mold investigation and testing. Learn more at