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Questions from Families

Dear Families,

Welcome to Groveland! Groveland is a wonderful neighborhood school and it is easy to see why. Academics have always been important at Groveland and families find many ways to support students in their academic efforts. Parents like the fact that we have many volunteer opportunities and their children feel at home in the school. Whether you live a few blocks or several miles away, you become part of the neighborhood when your children attend Groveland. 

If you are a parent/guardian looking for a new school for your child, we know you will want to consider Groveland. We are looking forward to working with you and your child. Please e-mail me for information about enrollment.

Sarah Lightner


Frequently asked questions by prospective parents about Groveland:

When are school tours?

We are working on how to do a virtual tour during COVID. Look for more information soon.

What is the curriculum?
Groveland follows the Saint Paul Public Schools' curriculum and MN State Standards. Groveland uses Mondo for literacy (Readers and Writers Workshops), Everyday Math and Foss Science.

How many students are enrolled ?
We have about 400 students in grades PreK-5.

Do you offer another language?
Language Sprouts teaches a Spanish class before school. Please contact the Groveland office 651-293-8760 if you would like more information.

What are child care options?
S'More Fun, is a child care center in Groveland operated by St. Paul Parks and Recreation. The phone number is 651-695-3715. The center runs before and after school and most days when school is not in session. It is also offers an half day session for PreK students at Groveland. Discovery Club is run by Saint Paul Public Schools and is a before and after school program at Highland Park Elementary. Students can be dropped off at Highland in the morning and bused to Groveland for the school day. There are other options for childcare also available in the area. 

What specialists and enrichments do you have?
Groveland has a specialist in each of these areas:  music, science and physical education.  Students in grades K-5 go to a specialist class for 50 minutes a day in a three day rotation.  For example, a student may have physical education for a day, then science, then music and begin the rotation over again. Each of the specialists have state/national standards they use for instruction. Science is taught through the FOSS curriculum which is an investigative and activity based approach to science.

We also offer a variety of creative and fine art options for students across grade levels. For example, we have partnerships with Northern Clay, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (CONNECT Program) and have some residencies from fine arts organizations.