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Staff Directory

Name Position Location Email
Abualreesh, Majd 2nd Grade Teacher Room 2139 majd.abualreesh@spps.org
Ames, Missy Sped TA   melissa.ames@spps.org
Amirahmadi, Liz Pre-K Teacher Room 2109 elisabeth.amirahmadi@spps.org
Andersen, Daniel 3rd Grade Teacher Room 3142 daniel.andersen@spps.org
Boulanger, Shelley ELL Teacher Room 3124 shelley.boulanger@spps.org
Brown, Marlo ELL Teacher Room 3124 marlo.corletto@spps.org
Bunnell, Krisann     krisann.bunnell@spps.org
Byrd, Abby Academic Support Teacher Room 3109 abby.byrd@spps.org
Cheatham, Anne 1st Grade Teacher Room 2103 anne.cheatham@spps.org
Cina, Greta Music Specialist Room 2113 greta.cina@spps.org
Cochran, Anna Nurse Room 2020 anna.lortscher@spps.org
Coffey, Hannah TA   hannah.coffey@spps.org
Dobson, Jennifer Phy Ed Teacher Room 2021 jennifer.dobson@spps.org
Elaraby, Amany Learning Lead Room 2021 amany.elaraby@spps.org
Felber, Ellie Counselor Room 3121 elina.felber@spps.org
Fogelberg, Patti Kindergarten Teacher Room 1105 patti.fogelberg@spps.org
Furtney, Kerry TA Room 2123 kerry.furtney@spps.org
Givens Osborne, Bernita TA   bernita.givensosborne@spps.org
Gotfredson, Jim Custodial Engineer   james.gotfredson@spps.org
Goulet, Lori Kindergarten Teacher Room 1113 lori.goulet@spps.org
Haefemeyer, Linda SPED ED TA   linda.haefemeyer@spps.org
Hanson, Marta 3rd Grade Teacher Room 3138 marta.hanson@spps.org
Harris, Michelle Librarian TA Library michelle.harris@spps.org
Heidemann, Laura Occupational Therapist Room 3137 laura.heidemann@spps.org
Hoffman, Hank Music Therapist Room 3137 hank.hoffman@spps.org
Hyatt, Michelle 2nd Grade Teacher Room 2102 michelle.hyatt@spps.org
Knudson, Emily TA 1 Room 2123 emily.knudson@spps.org
Kraft, Andrea 1st Grade Teacher Room 3137 andrea.kraft@spps.org
Kral, Kerry Custodian   kerry.kral@spps.org
LaValla, Toni Lead Clerk Office/2010 antoinette.lavalla@spps.org
Leach, Brenda L. D. Teacher Room 3139 brenda.leach@spps.org
Lee, Hlee 1st Grade Teacher Room 2138 Hlee.lee@spps.org
Levenhagen, Brad Science Teacher   brad.levenhagen@spps.org
Lightner, Sarah Principal Office - Rm. 2012 sarah.lightner@spps.org
Lish, Jeremy 4th Grade Teacher Room 3114 jeremy.lish@spps.org
Long, Jamel Behavior Specialist Room 2011 jamel.long@spps.org
Martin, Deb WINN Reading Teacher Room 3109 debbie.martin@spps.org
Matzke, Jackie PreK Teacher Room 2123 jacklyn.matzke@spps.org
McManus, Barbara Nurse Assistant Room 2020 barbara.mcmanus@spps.org
Molaro, Erika Social Worker Room 3120 erika.molaro@spps.org
Molitor, Joseph Spec Ed TA Room 1123 joseph.molitor@spps.org
Nelson, Paul Fifth Grade Teacher Room 3103 paul.nelson@spps.org
Nolet, Catherine Special Education LD Teacher Room 3139 catherine.nolet@spps.org
Norenberg, Melissa Kindergarten Teacher Room 1135 melissa.norenberg@spps.org
Nutrition Services   Room 1118  
Owens, Alicia School Psychologist Room 3137 alicia.owens@spps.org
Sagar, Simone DCD Teacher Room 1123 simone.sagar@spps.org
Sambs, Jeff 5th Grade Teacher Room 3102 jeff.sambs@spps.org
Sambs, Tasha 4th Grade Teacher Room 3113 tasha.sambs@spps.org
Shomion, Meaghan Art Teacher Room 2104 meaghan.shomion@spps.org
Smith, Kim Speech Teacher Room 3108 kim.smith@spps.org
Spofford, Emily .5 Counselor Room 3121 emily.spofford@spps.org
Thornwall, Kris DCD Teacher Room 312 kristin.thornwall@spps.org
Tomczak, Sue EA - Sped Ed Room 3124 susan.tomczak@spps.org
Van Natta, Tracy 2nd Grade Teacher Room 2137 tracy.van.natta@spps.org
Yigletu, Askale ELL Educational Assistant Room 3123 askale.yigletu@spps.org