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Welcome to Music Class!

Sing, Say, Move, Play!

In our Orff-Schulwerk inspired music class, we learn by singing, reciting, moving, and playing both games and instruments! 

Our main foci are:

  • Perform
    • Singing
    • Playing
      • Orff instruments (ex. xylophones)
      • Recorders
      • Ukuleles
      • Percussion
    • Rhythmic speech
    • Moving/dancing
  • Creating
    • Improvising
    • Composing
    • Arranging
  • Responding to music we hear and make
    • Identify/describe/compare/contrast/evaluate use of musical elements
  • Connecting to music we hear and make
    • Identify/describe/compare/contrast how music connects with our memories, emotions, and experiences
    • Identify/describe/compare/contrast how music is used in different cultures, places, and time periods
  • Musical foundations
    • Elements of music (rhythm/duration, melody/pitch, form, instrumentaion/timbre, texture/harmony, dynamics & tempo) 
    • Notation: rhythm, solfege, traditional
    • Technology for notation, creation, and recording

For a detailed scope and sequence which shows all grade-level standards and foundations, see the SPPS Scope and Sequence.

What is Orff Schulwerk?

In Orff Schulwerk classrooms, children begin with what they do instinctively: play! Imitation, experimentation, and personal expression occur naturally as students become confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers. The Orff approach to teaching is a model for optimal learning in 21st Century classrooms.

Ms. Cina

Concert Practice Tracks!

4th-5th grade


How Playing an Instrument Affects Your Brain 

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