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Grade 4

4th Grade's Enginnering of Earth and Energy

Fourth grade students will focus on Earth's systems including humans and the different types of energy that can be created. While using the enginnering process through our inquiries students will be working on:

- Recognize that the body has defense systems against germs, including tears, saliva, skin and blood.

- Compare materials that are conductors and insulators of heat and/or electricity

- Demonstrate how an electric current can produce a magnetic force

- Describe how the state of matter change as a results of heating and cooling.

- Identify where water collects on Earth, including atmosphere, ground and surface water.

- Describe how the methods people utilize to obtain and use of water in their homes communities can affect water supply and quality.

Alarm Circuits

Fourth graders used the engineering design process to design an alarm circuit. The goal was to create a circuit that switched a light and buzzer on when the water trough was empty. This challenge was introduced to us in a story about a young girl, named Emily, who would forget to fill the water trough for her sheep.