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MCA Review

Use the links below to help you review and study for all the topics listed below:



Areas to focus on in the link above:

1.Plants- Roots and Stems and Plant Adaptations

2. Animals- Animal Adaptions and Animal Life Cycles

3. Human Body- Human Body, Immune System and Digestive System

4. Ecosystems- Ecosystems, Changes in an Ecosystem, and Food Chains

5. Landforms, Rocks and Minerals- Weathering and Erosion, Minerals and Rock Cycle

6. Weather and Climate- Weather Instruments and Seasons

7. The Universe- A Day on Earth and Moon

8. Matter- Properties of Matter and Solids, Liquids, and Gases

9. Forces and Motion- Simple Machines

10. Energy- Electricity, Sound, Light, Magnetism, Light Absorption, Reflection, and Refraction and Current Electricity and Electric Circuits

11. Scientific Inquiry- All



Areas to focus on in the link above:

1. Animal Adaptations

2. Animal Classification

3. Biomes

4. Human Body

5. Clouds, Condensation, and Water Cycle

6. Earth, Moon and Sun

7. Electricity and Energy

8. Food Chains

9. Habitats

10. Landform/Forces of Nature

11. Light

12. Rocks and Minerals

13. Seasons and Weather

14. Solar Systems



Areas to Focus on in the link above:

1. Animals

2. Astronomy

3. Earth

4. Electricity

5. Human Body

6. Light

7. Metals

8. Nature

9. Plant

10. Sound

11. Space

12. Water


*Classroom Jeapordy Review