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Special Needs

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Special Education Services are provided for students that have an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Some of the therapists and clinicians are on site at Groveland and others may come only when working with a particular student.  The IEP Case Manager is the best resource for questions about a child's annual instruction goals and his or her Individualized Education Program.

Special Education Teacher: I provide support to students from Groveland and Nativity (K-5).  I work with a variety of special education students who have mild to moderate learning needs.  Sometimes I work with small groups of students on reading, writing, and/or math skills.  There are also students that need support from me for work completion, or need a sensory break from their classroom.  I work with students that are in need of my services, as identified on their IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  The instruction that I provide is based on the academic curriculum at Groveland or Nativity.  I work on classroom skills and projects, as well as addressing academic skill deficits.  I use a push in model for kindergarten , but I see my other students in small pullout groups.

Social Work:
Groveland offers social work services to both regular education and special education students. Currently we have a full time social worker. Our social worker provides a variety of supports including: assisting students with developing emotional management skills, providing support to staff with crisis intervention, assisting with developing appropriate responses to stress and assisting with building strong social skills. These supports are facilitated in a variety of ways, through friendship groups, family change groups, lunch bunches, and one-on-one support provided both within and outside of the classroom setting. Additionally our social worker partners directly with our families, staff and outside agencies to build strong communication and to better assist in the development of our student's social and emotional growth.

Speech and Language Services:
Speech and Languageservices are available at Groveland and Nativity.  Currently, the Speech andLanguage Clinicians service Groveland and Nativity schools and are available 5 days a week.  The Speech and Language Clinicians will address concerns regarding communication disorders, such as difficulties with: speech articulation, understanding and use of language, and voice disorders and fluency (stuttering).

Students eligible for services may work with the Speech and Language Clinicians individually and/or in a small group in the speech resource room or in the classroom, as appropriate.  Scheduling speech and language time during the school day is done in consultation with the student's IEP team, classroom teacher, and parents.  The Speech and Language Clinicians, working with parents and all members of the IEP team, will assist the student in achieving the goals outlined in his or her IEP.

Occupational Therapy:
Occupational therapy services are available at Groveland.  The Occupational Therapist is shared with other SPPS schools and is here approximately 1 day each week.  The OT works with students on their fine motor, sensory and visual skills as it relates to a student’s classroom performance.  The OT can also provide support to the classroom staff when needed.  Scheduling therapy time during the school day is done in consultation with the student’s IEP team, classroom teacher and parents.  Occupational Therapy services are ideally provided within the classroom but on occasion the student will work individually with the OT in a resource room.  The OT works closely with parents and all members of the IEP team to work toward achieving the goals on the student's IEP.

Other services:
Numerous other services are available to eligible SPPS students, to help them work to the best of their ability and achieve the goals set out in their IEP. Specific services will be determined by the student’s IEP team.  Some of these other services may include:  Physical Therapy, Developmental Adapted Physical Education, Visually Impaired,  Deaf/Hard of Hearing, or Physically Impaired.  See the IEP Case Manager to discuss the needs and goals outlined in your child’s IEP.

Special Education Staff:

School Psychologist                         

Social Worker                                  

Learning Disabilities Teacher          

DCD Teacher

Speech Clinician (Groveland)                              

Occupational Therapist                    

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher

 Adapted PE Teacher          

Physical Therapist                            

Physically Impaired Teacher            

Vision Teacher


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