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Update on the Centennial Legacy Project: Groveland's Outdoor Classroom
During the 2021-22 school year, this community celebrated Groveland's centennial. Thanks to the generosity of this community (past and present), over $50,000 was raised for a legacy gift of an outdoor classroom - an incredible feat! The design for the outdoor classroom was created with input from the staff, students and families of Groveland. It is slated to be created behind the school, between Sargent Avenue and the school's parking lot. This is a quiet and underutilized piece of the school property. You can see the design concept HERE
While we had hoped to have shovels in the ground this Spring, the process for executing a project of this scale is quite complex and was delayed by some turnover in the school district's facilities department. Now, however, we are paired with a project manager and on a path towards bringing this project to life. 
One of the things that the SPPS Facilities Department has to do is coordinate and vet all projects on school property. There are always projects going on all over the district. Currently, Groveland is slated for a couple of projects that all impact the side/back area of the school where the outdoor classroom will be. The roof on the gym is being replaced this summer, which impacts some of the water drainage in the back of the school. Also, right now, there is an accessibility study occurring at Groveland to improve the access around and into the building. This is very needed and important equity work and we are glad that improvements are in progress. Because a lot of this work will be centered around where the outdoor classroom will be, it is imperative that the projects be planned and executed together so that the space is cohesive, accessible and will last a long, long time.
There are a lot of moving parts in this process, but the PTO and SPPS now have our sights set on installing the outdoor classroom next summer (summer 2024), in conjunction with several other accessibility improvements to the school. 
If you would like to read the letter from our contact within the school district with details to this end, you can do so HERE.
We look forward to the next steps in the process and to making this centennial dream a reality!